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Scanner rebuild
Generator re-capping
Preamp rebuild
Busbar lube
Annual/bi-annual service

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Belt/'O' ring replacement
Motor repair
Driver re-alignment
Relay replacement
Valve replacement

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As the ex-Chief Engineer of Hammond (UK) Limited, there are few better placed to maintain Hammond tonewheel organs or Leslie speakers. With over 40 years of product service, Graham Sutton has amassed a wealth of experience, offering:

Busbar clean and lube on keyboard assembly

Restoration & Repair
It is not unusual for instruments of this age to go wrong from time to time. Many of the components may be reaching the end of their life. If your organ or Leslie is in need of first aid, we can fix it for you.

Servicing & Advice
We are always on hand to offer advice to customers about how to maintain their organ and can travel on-site in the case of more complicated repair work. A tonewheel organ must be regularly serviced.

In Pictures
Rebuilding a damaged vibrato scanner on a Hammond C-3. In this case, the scanner had been over-oiled by its owner.

Rebuilding the scanner (1)

Rebuilding the scanner (2)

The workshop
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