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Here are some mp3 samples of a Hammond B-3 organ through a Leslie 122. To hear the mp3 sound files you will need an mp3 player such as Winamp. If you do not have Winamp installed, you can download a copy here.

Hammond B-3 Samples:
(Please note that some samples may take several seconds to download)

Bass line 1 Bass line 2 Bass line 3
Chord 1 Chord 2 Chord 3 Chord 4 Chord 5 Chord 6
Chord Riff
Gliss 1 Gliss 2
Hit 1 Hit 2
Lick 1 Lick 2 Lick 3 Lick 4 Lick 5 Lick 6
Lick 7 Lick 8 Lick 9 Lick 10 Lick 11 Lick 12
Long Gliss Long Phrase
Overdrive 1 Overdrive 2
Turnaround 1
Warble 1


Image Sites
If you are looking for high quality photography of Hammond organs or organists, try searching
one of the following online stock libraries:

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There is also a large amount of quality photography at the All About Jazz site:

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